Building Jersey Strong

Sustainable Lab

  •  Re-use existing footprint with little expansion
  • Add level on existing structure rather than tear down
  • Re-use materials to reduse landfill deposits
  • Isolate wetlands and replant with native vegetation
  • Use crushed shell rather than paving to remote drainage and reduce 'heat island effect'
  • Capture rainwater for watering plants
  • Install LED exterior lighting which uses only 10% of the 'normal' fixtures power and 'dark sky'
  • Raise the floor and duct-work above flood elevation
  • Use concrete countertops
  • Use fibre-cement siding which uses recycled fly ash as its prime ingredient
  • Designed for natural flow through ventilation
  • Use PVC siding and trim which is 65% salt, 35% natural gas in composition (no oil)
  • Use standing seam roof materials
  • Install 10 KW of solar for 100% residential use
  • Install bamboo & cork as renewable flooring
  • Installed interior LED lighting
  • Install low flow plumbing fixtures
  • Install new energy efficent 'stormwatch' windows
  • Install 98% efficent heating & cooling systems
  • Install soy based foam insulation
  • Install recycled denim (jeans) batt insulation
  • Use low VOC paint throughout
  • Monitor all systems for performance
  • Owner walks to work


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Built by Wingman Planning