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Experience tells us that successful projects - those that achieve the desired results for owners, users, and architects - result from informed clients working with skilled architects that form sound professional, business, and often personal relationships. These relationships are formed early on and are nourished by  clear communication, mutually understood expectations, and a willingness of  both client and architect to understand and accept their responsibilities for  realizing a successful project.

Building in today's marketplace is a complex undertaking requiring many different products and skills including the latest advancments in sustainable design. Barlo, Governale & Associates understands the complexities, and works with you to design an appropriate response to your requirements. As a LEED AP, Paul Barlo is aggressively working with wind and solar energy, as well as environmentally friendly products, in his personal residence. This will act as a laboratory in tracking the accuracy of manufacturer's claims with regard to sustainability issues.







Our professional staff of Architects and Interior Designers has a well balanced blend of traditional values and modern technology, taking the time necessary to communicate our ideas to you. In the early stages of design development, these concepts are hand-drawn plans and facade treatments, thumbnail perspectives and possible furniture arrangements. They are tools to help you visualize our creation, and yet not with the finality of a hard-line drawing. When you are comfortable with sketches, they become the basis for construction drawings and specifications. These documents are then used for estimating, permitting, and construction.



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